About Us

Capital Hive is an Investment Management company formed from a group of dedicated individuals with an array of complementary and varied skill sets.

Our team carefully designs investment products that meet the stringent requirements expected by astute investors in today’s demanding markets. Investments are designed for different categories of experienced investors. We structure robust investment products that are carefully tested to protect your invested capital and provide good consistent earnings for the duration of the investment lifespan.

We only consider investments with strong fundamentals. We typically avoid working with investment products that are prone to strong influences from external market forces, speculation and volatile supply and demand cycles. To date, our areas of focus have been forestry, agricultural and real estate investments. Basic human needs provide a healthy premise for the fundamentals of a Socially and Environmentally responsible investment.

Our Core

  • integrity

    Integrity and Accountability

    At Capital Hive, we believe that in order to provide the best possible stewardship to all of our stakeholders, we have to conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity and accountability. Our word is our bond, and we readily accept accountability for our decisions, actions, and inactions. We believe in the tenth man principle, having the fortitude to speak up and say what we think, and to respect and listen to our colleagues.

  • excellence

    Excellence and Innovation

    We constantly strive to deliver above and beyond our commitments, and we constantly question the status quo, and offer new approaches to provide the most prudent and creative solutions for all of our stakeholders.

  • diversity

    Diversity and Teamwork

    The diverse individuals that make up the firm constantly drive Capital Hive forward through healthy, engaging, and constructive discourse. It is through this culture of teamwork that we are able to maintain our core values of excellence, innovation, integrity, and accountability.


  • Strong Fundamentals

    Capital Hive will not work with any assets that have poor fundamentals. Speculative investment is avoided altogether.

  • Identified risk, Specified Exposure

    All risks are identified in the Prospectus or Investment Memorandum. Checks & balances are carried out by Jurisdictional Regulators, Trustee and Auditors. Insurance is put in place to protect the investors from unforeseen events.

  • Corporate Governance

    We promote transparency & good corporate governance by providing investors with continuous access to key financial and accounting/audit information. Comprehensive Prospectus’ or Investment Memoranda are issued for investors to make informed decisions.

  • Checks and Balances

    Independent licensed Trustees are appointed to ensure the investments and monies are handled in an ethical and responsible manner.

  • Clearly defined Exit Strategy

    Reputable independent consultants give investors an unbiased assessment of the overall investment product. Our Due Diligence process is stringent and we adhere to low risk models when we carry out our Financial Engineering process.


We only offer investment products that we invest in ourselves.

We believe that People and the Environment should thrive as we strive to give investors a healthy return.

We believe that Investments must have Strong Fundamentals. Capital Hive will always work exclusively with Assets that have excellent fundamentals.

We believe that Relationships Matter. In this world where technology has made so much available, human interaction has diminished. We hope to find innovative ways to keep the art of Heartfelt Communication alive.

We strive to be a Global Entity that manages the hard earned dollars of investors; ensuring that their capital is protected; ensuring that they receive above market returns for the asset class they invest in; and we strive to build and maintain a good relationship with our investors.


Our team consists of individuals from a variety of disciplines. We share a passion for investment and designing investment products that are robust and fundamentally strong.


Capital Hive’s current focus is on plantations in South East Asia. We have assembled a team of highly experienced experts in the fields of forestry propagation, environmental & social impact assessment, plantation management, soil sciences, downstream specialists and legal and corporate advisors to ensure risks are minimized for investors.


Sustainable Forest Plantations

  • We plant Cadamba, a tree native to South Asia
  • Fast Growing Tropical Light Hardwood
  • Cadamba wood can be used in a variety of applications

Capital Hive develop sustainable forest plantations that will consistently produce timber year-round for decades to come. These forest plantations comprise a fast-growing light tropical hardwood, Neolamarckia cadamba (“Cadamba”), which is native to and increasingly planted across South Asia.

With a continually need for sustainable and environment friendly timber, driven by rapid population growth and the increasing threat of climate change, the search for a sustainable solution becomes particularly Important. Sustainable tropical timber has numerous applications, from low-value applications like high grade biomass to very high value tropical veneer for the plywood industry.

Forests provide a number of environmental benefits including carbon sequestration and water management.

We acquire a degraded forestry concession and develop it by replanting and Implementing strong systems to convert the forest plantation into a steady cash generating asset.

Capital Hive’s forestry team comprises a number of highly experienced individuals who between them have more than 100 years of forestry management and related experience. Key team members have experience handling timber plantations in Asia and have worked under other private equity funds in developing timber plantations that have met the stringent FSC and PEFC standards.

Uses of Cadamba Wood

Cadamba wood is commonly used in the variety of applications such as ceiling boards, light construction material, plywood, veneer, pencil making, match splints, pulpwood for paper, packing cases, crates, etc. When properly seasoned and treated, Cadamba wood is also used for furniture, flooring, toys, tea-chests, carvings, etc.

The tree as a whole is also suitable for aesthetic purposes and as a result, is often planted along roadsides. The fruits, leaves, seeds, and bark have extensive medicinal properties. The root bark is also used for natural yellow dye.

Due to the self-pruning nature of Cadamba, it has heavy leaf shedding properties which increases the organic carbon in the soil. The fresh leaves are often mixed with animal feed, whilst the fruits and inflorescences are also reportedly edible. The scented orange flowers attract honey bees as pollinators, moreover, they are an important raw material used in the Indian perfumes with sandalwood as a base and a good bee forage in apiculture. The species is also considered suitable for soil conservation, agroforestry, slash-and-burn land reclamation, etc.



At Capital Hive, we strongly believe in sustainable forestry management and development which are essential for long-term business development, the environment, people’s lives, and their livelihood. Therefore, it is important to maintain and enhance our planet’s forest resources if we are to succeed in the global efforts to mitigate climate change, address biodiversity loss and water scarcity, and to alleviate poverty. All projects undertaken by Capital Hive adhere to the International Finance Corporation (IFC)’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Performance Standards throughout the life of the investment. The following are the Performance Standards which are encapsulated in our decision-making process:

  • Assessment and Management of Environmental and Social Risks and Impacts

  • Labour and Working Conditions

  • Resource Efficiency and Pollution Prevention

  • Community Health, Safety, and Security

  • Land Acquisition and Involuntary Resettlement

  • Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Management of Living Natural Resources

  • Indigenous Peoples

  • Cultural Heritage

Furthermore, we are committed to abide by industry best practices and obtain certifications for our project sites and downstream products, where applicable, from reputable organizations such as the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), and the Sustainable Biomass Partnership.

How is harvesting planted trees considered Sustainable?

Oil and Coal are burned to produce energy that runs our vehicles, homes and everyday life. The problem is once these fuels are burnt, they produce large amounts of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) that is released into the air.

When a tree grows, it consumes CO2 from the atmosphere. The very carbon we release into the air helps trees grow. The carbon is consumed by the tree and it becomes part of the tree. This is called Carbon Sequestration (the long term storage of Carbon).

In simple terms, trees capture and encases carbon in its trunk, branches, leaves and roots. This is why the process of growing a tree for sustainable timber or biomass fuel is considered green and sustainable.

By harvesting and replacing a tree every time one is harvested, a sustainable timber plantation becomes a major carbon sink, continuously capturing carbon and producing life giving oxygen.


Join Our Team

Field Conductor

Job Descriptions:

  • Upkeep Nursery
  • Bookkeeping
  • Store Management
  • Labour Supervision


  • SPM
  • Experience in Nursery
  • Knowledge in Timber Planting
  • Retirees are Welcome
  • Location: Pahang


We can be reached via email at: info@capital-hive.com

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